Value Care Health Systems, Inc., an HMO established in 1997, is a wholly-owned Filipino corporation founded by a group of physicians whose objective is to make healthcare services accessible and affordable to the people. It provides quality healthcare to its members through a wide network of service providers and comprehensive hospitalization benefit and healthcare packages.


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PAG-IBIG FUND Contract Signing and Program Orientation
HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND (HDMF) awarded to VALUE CARE HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. (ValuCare) the healthcare program of their employees and dependents.

The BANCO DE ORO EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (BDOEA) signed up with VALUE CARE HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. for the healthcare benefits of their officers, members and dependents. This was expressed through a ceremonial Contract Signing formality held at the ValuCare building in Pasig City on November 26, 2016.

*Elena was sent by her company on a business trip to Palawan. Shortly after reaching her destination, she experienced severe headache and was brought to the nearby hospital in Palawan.

“This year will be different, because in 2016 – we’ll be better” – this is what our COO, Armando S. Macalino emphasized during the strategic plan activity held last November. Initiatives and plans have been laid on the table to achieve business growth, service delivery and people development goals. Moreover, the COO aims to enhance customer experience of our cardholders, expand customer base reach and strengthen relationships with providers and partners - thus making VC a household name – the first company to recall when people talk about “HMO”.

Family Incident Management Systems (FIMS)
The inevitable West Valley earthquake or the "Big One" was a highlight, and Sir Hutch enlightened the participants on how to prepare themselves and their families before such a great disaster happens. A video clip of shake aftermaths from different countries was presented. This gave the heebie-jeebies to the viewers but not without making them realize that, other than awareness and preparedness, it is actually leadership, presence of mind, sound judgment and swift decision-making that are of value in any emergency condition.

Access to HealthCare You Can Count On just got better!
Innovation has always been at the forefront of ValuCare initiatives. The first HMO to introduce an Android application for members for their interactive needs to access benefits and services via Google Play (keyword: valuecare), we have now a solution to accept applications for individuals and families for ValuCare's Individual and Family Program.

Technology Level UP!
-Jeffrey Copiaco ICT Dept. Manager
Digital Technology has really evolved over the years, especially cellphones and computers. Access to various information is readily available in a matter of seconds. ValuCare is embracing this digital era for our valued cardholders and to improve business operations.

ValuCare cardholders can now access to VC information in 3 innovative ways; Newly improved website, Mobile Website for mobile phones and computer tablets, and VC Apps downloadable in Android Play Store with keyword: VALUCARE.

Cardholders can search for VC Accredited hospitals,clinics, doctors and dentists using their mobile gadgets. Basic personal information is also available through On-line Inquiry feature.

Try it now and enjoy the next level of ValuCare's Information gateway.
ValuCare Website UPGRADE!
The best way to predict the future is to invent it –ValuCare's revamped website ensures trouble-free navigation coupled with new dynamic features. Utilizing the latest approach in website designing, ValuCare assures competitive and effective online service to members. These improvements aim to achieve better results and satisfied members. Basic i-Compute, Online Inquiry and Accredited Provider search panel are the new features that the ValuCare website offers.

Basic i-Compute is a web-based plan computation program that auto-matically calculates one-year estimated premium payment for either Individual or Family Program. Online Inquiry enables viewing of mem-ber details, health services, and previously availed services. Searching for the nearest ValuCare-affiliated doctors, hospitals, clinics and dentists is also possible through the Accredited Provider search panel. ValuCare website also provides archived pages on health tips, event updates and the Valulink newsletter that you can access anytime, anywhere. Further-more, all online forms such as request for quote, presentations, ID replacement, online employment application, etc., can be found in one page.

All of these innovations are proofs that we always find ways to deliver excellent service to our members. Please visit our website at

ValuCare will always be the HealthCare that You Can Count On. .